Lip Gloss Temptation - Crimson
Essentials Lip Gloss Temptation is available in 16 different shades to give your lips a Gloss Feel.
LE 140.00
Brow Sculpt - Dark Brown
Essentials Brow Sculpt will help you Define, Sculpt and Perfect your Brows.  Its Composed of two parts: (Part 1 - Brow Definer) Groom your Brow using our clear gel to define and fix them in place. (Part 2 - Brow Filler)...
LE 165.00
Beauty Kit - Blossom (Sungold. Rose. Cherry)
Essentials Beauty Kit bring up two different shades of Base Color and one shade of shine in one set to help you apply your makeup effortlessly using only one kit.  
LE 175.00
Sparkle Collection - Champagne
Essentials Sparkle Glitter Collection reflects color and adds another dimension of color to your regular makeup. It can be applied on Lips, Face and all over the Body. Contains Pure Glitter Powder.
LE 115.00
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